2014-03-07 05.51.40I landed in São Paulo a month ago today, with the first one-way plane ticket I have ever bought in my life. This morning I got up early to work, then walked down to the beach here in Jurerê, Florianópolis, the island we arrived on just a few days ago and which we hope to make our home. This last month has been one of discovery; about this country, its language and culture, about the person I came here to be with, about myself in this new place, and about realising that all of those things, happily, still hold a multitude of surprises. It’s been a month for adjustment, understanding, learning, stumbling, for feeling like a child surrounded by all things new, of excitement, trepidation, challenges, of feeling in my element one moment and entirely, utterly out of my depth the next. A month of slowing peppering my speech with Brazilian Portuguese words, of that all-familiar see-sawing sensation between oh, I think I’m starting to understand what people are saying, to I still have absolutely no idea. IMG_20140313_002905 (2)It’s been a month in which I have felt that I am really in my life, following the paths it wishes to lead me down. I look around and hope I can imprint the snapshots of these days in my memory; from the pulsing, hectic traffic on the streets of the city to the morning mist lingering over the mountainous landscape of Boiçucanga.  There are certainly many moments when I pause and think: how did all of this happen, how did I end up here? But even though I still have so much to learn, the language included, I already feel such an affinity with this dynamic, complex and wonderfully vibrant place. Having already fallen for it, I hope that in time I will get to know its quirks and peculiarities and that, one day, I will find our roots to be fully intertwined.


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