RYTA2013Following on from this week’s post about Boris Akunin’s captivating Sebald Lecture, and continuing the theme of translation awards, Academia Rossica have just informed me about an excellent opportunity for aspiring young Russian-English translators. The Rossica Young Translators Award, sister prize of the prestigious Rossica Prize, is now open for submissions for its 2013 competition.

”Passionate and talented translators are essential for the future health of Russian literature, so we are determined to unearth and nurture a new generation of translators to share the wealth of Russian literature around the world. The Rossica Young Translators Award (RYTA), set up in 2009, is designed to encourage and reward these young translators and bring to their attention some of the best contemporary prose. Previous winners and shortlisted translators have now established themselves as professional translators and editors. The Prize now has a global reach, with over 180 entries last year from the UK, America, Russia and even further afield. The quantity and quality of these entries promise a bright future for translation from Russian and raise expectations of an even better competition this year.”

The winner is announced at an event at the end of March as part of the 4th SLOVO Russian Literature Festival in London. The winning entrant will receive a prize of £500.

One of the three extracts which can be chosen for translation in this year’s competition is by Boris Akunin himself, along with texts by Eduard Liminov and Marina Stepnova. The extracts and rules can be found at http://academia-rossica.org/en/literature/young-translators-award, and submissions should be sent to ryta@academia-rossica.org by 10 March 2013.



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